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Oklahoma's Premiere Private Firearms Training

CQBOKC Tactical is Oklahoma's premiere private firearms training company specifically catering to training individuals, couples, and small groups on the dates and times they want to train. You don't have to fit into our schedule, we fit into your busy schedule.

Whether you are a firearms novice, intermediate sportsman, or advanced shooter, augment your abilities and expand your capabilities with the OKC Tactical Core™ Program.



Train in our proprietary systems:

tac·ti·cal; \ˈtak-ti-kəl\
  • of, relating to, or used for a specific plan that is created to achieve a particular small scale goal for a greater purpose, carried out with an immediate end in view
  • adroit in planning or maneuvering to accomplish a purpose

Don't Settle for Just any Instructor. We have the most experienced and professional instructors in Oklahoma, period.

Vett our instructors before you register:  

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OKC Tactical Training Guarantee

OKC Tactical is so committed to your training growth that we offer all customers a 100% Guarantee on effective training. If after receiving instruction you do not feel as if you have improved your skill and knowledge level, we will schedule a second training session, at no additional charge, to strengthen your confidence, knowledge level, and comfort handling firearms.

After clients complete our courses, OKC Tactical will remain your personal defense partner and mentor, encouraging clients to contact us for advice and feedback at any time to help you reach your personal protection and home defense goals.




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Phone: 405.888.9254


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