Rifle Training

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OKC Tactical Marksmanship Methodology™ ~Operate the Rifle~

Class Time: 0 Hours
Range Time: 2 Hours
Days: 1 Days
Ammo Requirement: 250
Course Cost:


This course is available for open enrollment. Please contact OKC Tactical at 405-888-9254 to reserve your training date/time.

Course Description

Designed for newer shooters this course focuses on our highly effective Marksmanship Methodology and builds a solid foundation for safety, performance, and armed self-defense.

This 2 hour course is for learning to shoot with our proprietary system and is designed to provide a hands-on introduction to marksmanship and the safe handling of your rifle with maximized interaction time with your private instructor. Kick start your rifle training with the best instructors in OKC, both have over 20 years experience operating this firearm in the harshest conditions. A 2 hour private session, taught at a pace set by you, makes it comfortable to learn and easy to retain the information.

In addition, clients will learn:

  • Safe rifle handling
  • Shooting fundamentals
    • Pure rifle marksmanship
    • Grip and stance
    • Loading and unloading
    • Reloading procedure
    • Malfunction clearance (UCP)
    • Basic shooting positions
  • Cleaning and maintenance

We do a lot of shooting in this course. All range and target fees are included, there are no additional fees associated with this course.