Pistol Training

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Private OKC Tactical Marksmanship Methodology™ ~Operate the Pistol~

Class Time: 0 Hours
Range Time: 2 Hours
Days: 1 Days
Ammo Requirement: 200
Course Cost:


This course is available for open enrollment. Please contact OKC Tactical at 405-888-9254 to reserve your training date/time.

Course Description

~OKC Tactical Marksmanship Methodology™ ~

Private Option

A private course scheduled just for you, when you want to train, designed for newer shooters this course focuses on our highly effective Marksmanship Methodology and builds a solid foundation for safety, performance, and armed self-defense.

This 2 hour course is for learning to shoot with our proprietary system and is designed to provide a hands-on introduction to marksmanship and the safe handling of your pistol with maximized interaction time with your private instructor. This private session, taught at a pace set by you, makes it comfortable to learn and easy to retain the information.

Proper Use of Sights, Trigger Control & Rhythm, Recoil Management, Transitioning to Self-Defense

Additional topics covered:
Safe pistol handling
Shooting fundamentals
Loading and unloading
Reloading procedure
Malfunction clearance
Cleaning and maintenance
We do a lot of shooting in this course. All range and target fees are included, there are no additional fees associated with this course.