Client Testimonials:


Cannot say enough about these guys!!! My husband and I took our Oklahoma Self-Defense act/concealed carry course at OKC Tactical and these guys are the real deal!! 

Extremely knowledgeable staff, Matt & John go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and informed through each step of the course, not only that — but we had SO. MUCH. FUN. 

I walked in this morning nervous and left calm, comfortable and proud of myself!!! 

Thanks again, OKC Tactical — we will be back!!

Preslee J. 2019


I can’t say enough good things about John and Nina. I haven’t met Matt yet, but look forward to it. John is a fantastic teacher with a great sense of humor and a TON of knowledge! I can’t recommend their services enough.

Chris B. 2019

This place is seriously so amazing and I wouldn’t have wanted to do my training anywhere else!! They were extremely knowledgeable and made me feel so comfortable. If you are looking for a place to go, THIS IS THE PLACE. Thank you so much!! I can’t wait to come back!!

Laci I. 2019


Great training! Will be back for more. Highly recommend.

Bryce J. 2019

Matt is the consummate professional! Had the first installment of my personal defense training this morning, and I can easily recommend Matt and OKC Tactical for any level of training one might require - from novice to expert. I learned more from Matt in two hours than I had from previous instructors whose instruction lasted an entire afternoon. Matt is very methodical and thorough and has a keen eye for personal shortcomings and learned bad habits. As a Christian, I especially appreciate his personal demeanor - void of the usual foul language and off-color innuendo often associated with similar events. Great sense of humor! Matt is the real deal!

Mike M. 2019

Fantastic experience! Will definitely be back for more training.

David G. 2019


My wife and I have have taken 2 pistol core courses (togeather) and we are very excited to continue our training with Matt. Matt is an excellent teacher, yes I said teacher not instructor. He really does teach you. There is a practical and straightforward reason why you do things a certain way or when a situation is appropriate, not just show you a drill and move on. Everything we worked on had a purpose and a real world application. 
Matt is a top notch instructor but he takes the time to teach you at your skill level and build solid base to add to. Matt will teach you what works from years of military and law enforcement experiance. He will also teach you to be safe at all times. The thing that I found great is they make you uncomfortable in a good way while instilling confidence and safe handling. Matt moves you to that next level of comfort. 
I have taken over 10 various defensive/"combat"/basic/advanced pistol or shooter courses since getting my ccw 12yrs ago. Matt and OKC Tactical is at the top. Wish I would have found them sooner.

Chad M. 2019


Instructors were very knowledgeable and clear with their instruction both in the classroom and on the range. Classroom time was minimal with range time to demonstrate and develop skills being 95% of the course. Never a negative word, always positive or instructive feedback. The range work was both fun and challenging with continuous application of instruction. Stationary, moving and obstacle avoidance while shooting were part of the training. It is clear that the instructors immediately gave us our money’s worth by running us through activities that they had long used in their military training.

Martin R. 2019


Took my first session. Awesome! John was very good instructor. Having had multiple gun skill classes in the past, I learned three key elements from John that day. I wanted more learning and got it ! Looking forward to more tactical sessions.

Steve P. 2019


Very practical and personalized hands on training.

Matthew and John are very well trained, with many years of experience. They provided expert training for everyday, real life scenarios.

They explained everything with clear detail and reinforced each explanation with demonstration, and then allowed me to practice, as they provided feedback.

Both Matthew and John were down to earth and highly skilled in their field. They are top-notch, true professionals, and dedicated to providing an exceptional training experience that is safe and comfortable.

I look forward to my next training at OKC Tactical


Brandon T. 2019

Great instructor and training. My shooting improved drastically with the first session!!

Diana G. 2019.  

John and Matt were amazing. Very hands on. You will learn no matter what your skill level is. They make it fun and very easy to understand. I feel like I can protect myself and my family much better after today. Still have a lot to learn so I will definitely be going back!

Scott T. 2019

I spent my day with Matthew Moulton. He is a great instructor. Class time as both instructive and fun. He answered all my questions and gave me wonderful personal instruction. If you are looking to take a gun safety or carry permit course you will not find a better place.

Mark G. 2019

Today’s Private SDA class with John was very informative and entertaining. John took the time to give us detailed explanations to all our questions. He was very knowledgeable and able to relate his teaching to real life scenarios. We cannot wait to do more training with OKC tactical!!

Rachel A. 2019

Great class very knowledgeable instructor. Me and my family had a great time.

Randy A. 2019

Enjoyed training with John. Great instructors and curriculum. No matter the level, skill, or lack thereof, they will help you. Training is one on one and not stuck in a classroom. It’s immediately to the range! With instruction one on one, it’s solely focused on you. You’re not having an instructor go between you and 5 others. Only way to train in my opinion. They help you become students of weapon craft.

Jon L. 2019

The attention to detail during training is more than expected. They take their time and answer all questions. The very best self defense training I've ever experienced.

Karen B. 2019

Super nice, friendly, professional, and both had a great sense of humor and were a great shot.  Would definitely come back again.

Kristin M. 2019

I found the two hour training session very productive at increasing my efficiency of movement with my handgun. At the beginning of the training session Matthew was able to quickly determine what my level of proficiency was and tailor the training to where I would benefit the most. I will certainly train with them again in the future.

David C. 2019

Excellent private conceal & carry lessons in classroom & on range. Excellent scheduling. Excellent safety training.This is an amazing and experienced team of instructors who will work hard to ensure you have a great experience and learn as much as possible.

Barbara M. 2019

If you are looking for knowledgeable, practical, instructors with real world experience, look no further. My wife and I were looking to take a private Oklahoma SDA Carry Permit course and stumbled upon OKC Tactical while consulting Google. Our experience was incredible and drastically exceeded our expectations. The OKC Tactical team goes out of their way to make sure they meet your scheduling and training needs. While taking the classroom portion, John was great at explaining the material and reviewing the laws. He does a fantastic job of encouraging questions and creating a learning environment. We felt that this environment helped us absorb and retain information that we likely wouldn't have otherwise. Now for the range. My wife and I trained with John and Matt at the range. They both went above and beyond and created an amazing experience for us. They not only taught us proper firearm and range safety, they were also teaching us and allowing us to experience more tactical situations that would be likely to occur during a conflict. I really enjoyed how they let us learn at our own pace and really encouraged us throughout the entire process. We definitely feel as though we are a great deal more knowledgeable and confident after taking the course. They also make themselves available for any questions you may have, inside or outside of class. I would certainly recommend this team to anyone from the inexperienced to the well seasoned expert. We will definitely be training with them in the future. Thank you, John and Matt for the great and smooth experience.

Chris D. 2019

If you enjoy learning from a true professional this is the place. John Ross is professional instructor who I am sure has seen it all. If you want to protect you or your loved ones don’t go anywhere else. OKC Tactical is your Place.

Tom T. 2019

It was great environment to learn. The instructors were great and anyone that takes a class can expect to walk away having learned at least one new thing. It was a great experience and I'm already looking forward to scheduling another class.

Emily B. 2019

I did a session this weekend with John and he did an amazing job showing different things and walking me through different technical things on shooting. I had an amazing time, John is an amazing instructor, recommend to anyone and will be going back soon for more lessons!

Tyson M. 2019

This is a great learning environment and is geared to all levels of experience! We had a great time and will be back for sure. I highly recommend OKC Tactical!

Landis T. 2019

As a beginner I wanted to learn how to protect my loved ones. Oklahoma Tactical was recommended to me by my granddaugter. She was correct, I had the pleasure to have John as my instructor, John is passionate about teaching and learning. His military stories relate well to his teaching, I found him to be very professional and patient with this old retired Coach. I would highly recommend Oklahoma Tactical for anyone at any skill level to choose this team for your learning. You can alway learn something. 

Coach John Trammell.

John T. 2019

Had an awesome experience with John. He took his time explaining the fundamentals of defensive shooting. And, I got to shoot a lot too. If you believe you’re ready to carry but haven’t trained for it you’re NOT ready. Hit these guys up!

Brian J. 2019

Great place to learn what you need to know from the best instructors.

Ashley D. 2019

These guys are the real deal. They do a great job at putting everyone at ease and make the training common sense with no judging. Anyone regardless of the skill level would benefit from their training.

Steven H. 2018

My wife , mother , and I had an amazing experience with Matt. We did our conceal carry class with him. He is a very down to earth person and also very passionate about what he does. He was very patient with us and was willing to work with you in any way. These guys are worth every penny! Thanks guys!!

Steven P. 2018

John and OKC Tactical are awesome! I had a 2-hour session with John Ross. In that little time I learned a ton and my confidence with my rifle rise accordingly. John is incredibly knowledgeable. He kept the training session fun while teaching core fundamentals. He is upbeat and focused on the student's needs. I would recommend OKC Tactical to any shooter of any skill level without hesitation.

James B. 2018

As a professional instructor, SWAT member, and combat veteran, I can honestly say it is VERY difficult to find any instructor, whether for firearm or any other tactical subject, who truly has a full “working” knowledge of what they teach and then has the ability to express both demonstrably and literally their teaching objectives in such a way as to not make the student feel inadequate or stupid no matter what their level of training. When I left the range after a 4 hour 1 on 1 training session with John, I knew that I had met such an instructor. When I arrived on the range and first him, I felt at ease and confident in his ability and safety. I really enjoyed his seriousness when it was time to be serious and his humor when it appropriate to be funny. I would strongly recommend him for any level of training from the novice on up to the competitive shooter. I will be going back to him.

A. Z. 2018

Expectations were completely exceeded. John was funny, personable and the best instructor. He made sure we felt completely comfortable and so did his wife. Thank you guys for working with us and making it a fun learning experience.

Stefani G. 2018

Took the 1st class of the pistol core training and it was a solid experience. As a civilian I was worried that these guys would be blowhards about their military experience but they were totally not that way. John and Matt are both astute professionals and good instructors. I do say good instructors because I thought they did a really good job of adapting to your demonstrated skill level and altering their instruction on the fly. Their teaching philosophy is to teach you to rapidly assess situations and apply an appropriate response, as opposed to teaching you to acquire "muscle memory". I will definitely do more training with them.

Justin S. 2018

Very professional, and very thorough in both theory and practical training. I am very glad that a friend from work found this company for our CC class. John and Matthew are very good at what they do. I could not be more pleased. Highly recommended.

John F. 2018

 My first session today with Nina Ross! I wanted a woman so I wouldn’t feel intimidated & comfortable . I was totally comfortable with her! Sweet gal, very patient with me, I plan to do this again because I want to further my firearms training to be better with my weapon! Love that they have a woman instructor, because I think a lot of women would like to improve their skills or develop skills if they have none at all. I would highly recommend anyone with no experience or a little . U can always learn something & Nina with her military background & training & being a nurse on top of that was the perfect fit for me. Get out their girls! U will love it ! I didn’t want to do a buddy session & feel obligated to allow for another person, I wanted to be able to ask questions & move at my pace . They will do what ever u want, buddy, girlfriend, husband & wife, single one on one. Check em out!

Karen H. 2018

 I had the best experience working with the OKC tactical team. I would recommend them to anyone and my husband and I can’t wait to take more classes!

 Kris M. 2018

John and Matt are great instructors and will make any students learning experience beneficial and enjoyable. They have an abundance of knowledge with tactical strategies, shooting techniques, and situational awareness that is great for the novice shooter all the way to the seasoned vet. Not only are they very professional but they are both great guys and I couldn't have asked for a better training atmosphere and experience.

Kyle  R. 2018

Completed an hour session today and could not be happier. The instructor was very nice and professional. He explained and put everything into perspective that he taught me. Within the first session, I feel more confident in my shooting skills. Second session already booked! Highly recommend to any level shooter.

Laura D. 2018

My husband and I went for SDA class. Want sure what to expect, but since we are comfortable and somewhat skilled shooting they just dove right into defensive combat skills. It was one on one training with that and that helped me feel a lot better that I at least have some experience with what to do if attacked. They were very friendly, knowledgeable and patient. Very professional.

Laura G. 2018

Professional, detailed, thorough. The first three words that come to mind when considering my experience with OKC Tactical. While most SDA classes are cookie cutter affairs with a single instructor and a couple dozen students, OKC Tactical teaches small SDA classes with multiple instructors at the range. These guys, and gal :) , take the time to give individualized range time. Most SDA classes have you shoot the state minimum which is pretty basic. These guys have you do that and more. They spend time with every student going over things like grip, stance, balance, primary safety positioning, recoil management, shot drift, shoting under mild stress and they even give the student a few practice drills to consider. They also do individualized advanced pistol, rifle and shotgun training if that's what you're wanting. If you're looking for a SDA license, you can go to the cookie cutter shops to get your basic license or you can give these folks a shot and come away with the license and so much more.

Kevin W. 2018

Took the SDA course this past Saturday. John, Nina and Matt were great. Emphasized Safety, Safety and Safety. Real life practical applications. Will definitely do more training with them.

Terry C. 2018

Just completed the SDA course with OKC Tactical and hands down the best experience I could imagine. Very knowledgeable and presented in a relatable manner for all involved. Much more than just teaching the basics in the classroom and the range time is more than just show me you can safely handle your firearm they teach you how to defend yourself and put you into the proper mindset based upon their experiences so you leave feeling comfortable you can handle a real life defensive situation. Great personalities and not intimidating at all make you feel comfortable and very positive reinforcement, highly recommend OKC Tactical and will be taking more classes soon.

Jay L. 2018

Matt and John are so awesome! They’re such great teachers. They make you feel so comfortable and never make you feel inept or “dumb.” They are easy to be with and explain everything so simply. When you’re shooting, they give you enough space so you don’t feel like they’re hovering but are right there for quick correction and calm words. For someone like me who doesn’t have a lot of experience or confidence with firearms, they were so helpful and encouraging. Even my husband who was in the military and has a ton of experience was able to gain some knowledge from these guys.

Sarah S. 2018

Phenomenal training and communication about the entire process. If you have been thinking about learning about firearms and are wanting to be confident about owning/carrying/mastering the use of a firearm for your personal protection and safety- call OKC Tactical. John is an expert at the art of relaying information in a way that is not intimidating, but in a way is relatable and that ensures I have felt comfortable and supported every step of the way. I highly recommend OKC Tactical and look forward to continuing to train with them.

Cathy W. 2018

I took the SDA class today and I learned a LOT. It was like a mini pistol training class. From grip to stance and shooting accuracy. One on one at the range makes a huge difference. Anyone thinking about this class should take it here. It was informative and FUN!!!!!

Michelle R. 2018

I highly recommend OKC Tactical! My instructors (Matt and John) were so awesome and made me feel comfortable. I learned very important and valuable information and definitely worth the price. This is the place to go! I'm definitely signing up for more training! Can't wait to go back.

Belem J. 2018

Took the SDA class with Matt & John today and seriously loved it! I feel so much more comfortable with my gun and knowledgeable about situations and how to handle them! I highly recommend them as trainers as a beginner and a woman I felt comfortable and not judged! I learned so much! Thank you 5 stars!!

Cyndi R. 2018

My husband and I took the SDA class today with Matt and John. I have to say I was very impressed with their knowledge, interaction with us, and the information they shared. They came highly recommended and I can vouch for their professionalism and individual attention to detail. Our experience in the class room and the range were exceptional. They made us feel completely comfortable with the process and answered all questions. My husband wasn't really looking forward to the class, but was really glad he attended with me. Looking forward to continued training with them.

Gerrie T. 2018

We took the SDA class April 28th and it was hands down the best and most informational class we could imagine taking. We have heard nothing but amazing things about the instructors and their methods. And we got to experience first hand how professional they are. Matt, John and Nina were not the stern, serious, all business type instructors. They knew how to teach from their own experience, incorporate it into civilian training and make it an enjoyable and insightful class. We shared a lot of laughs! When it comes down to it, OKC Tactical definitely knows how to take care of, instruct and satisfy their clients with real world methods and wisdom in real world situations. Looking forward to taking more classes with OKC Tactical!

Austin R. 2018

Last Saturday April 28th was our SDA class with Matthew, John and Nina. As a beginner I was taken back of how much information we have received in class and at the shooting range with interaction from our instructors. Not only receiving the knowledge of concealed carry but as the awareness of your surroundings which helps broaden our minds of absorbing that this is not a game but be able to understand what it means to protect yourself and your family and or others. So very pleased of taking this course to further understanding of SDA. I applaud Matthew, John and Nina with their outstanding knowledge and sincere care to teach you properly. I advice to anyone and everyone to take the SDA class with OKC Tactical. It was a blast! I will definitely take future classes with OKC Tactical. Thank you to Matthew, John and Nina!!

Jennifer M. 2018

My wife and I trained with John and Nina today and learned more from them than we ever expected. These folks are pros!!! If you want to learn what you don’t know, correct what you think you know and have an absolute blast...SIGN UP NOW

Mike L. 2018

I completed the SDA Conceal and Carry Course, it was a great experience and training. I practiced techniques to use in a variety of potential attack scenarios. Matt and his team were very thorough, patient and professional. I can't wait to go back to the range with them.

Akesha L. 2018

OKC Tactical does an exceptional job! Very helpful and informative. I left today feeling more confident with my gun and knowledgeable about proper gun safety as well as the gun laws as they stand. I HIGHLY recommend OKC Tactical! As for myself, I will definitely be taking more classes with them in the future! Thank you guys so very much for everything today as well as your service to the United States!

Chelsey C. 2018

Excellent training for first timers and beginners. The trainers at OKC tactical goes out of their way to provide the best for their clients and truly went above and beyond to accommodate my schedule. I am confident that I have built a strong foundation and hope to be back for further training soon. Not only, do they have a first class knowledge of weaponry, safety, and health, but also, they are also a blast to be with and make training fun. While simultaneously providing great costumer service taking the time to get to know you and what goals you would like to accomplish within your training. Thank you again.

Mark W. 2018

This was an excellent opportunity. So glad my husband and I attended. John was a very knowledgeable instructor. Everyone went above and beyond to teach us and make us feel comfortable with the information as well as on the gun range. I truly enjoyed the experience..had fun learned a lot...and would highly recommend this course at OKC Tactical!!

Vickie C. 2018

I just completed the SDA Concealed Carry course with OKC Tactical today. The training was expertly-delivered by John and Nina Ross. The training they present is interactive, and you receive more than the basic required information. We spent two hours on the range and I shot over 200 rounds, not the 50 required for the course. Also, we didn't just stand in one spot and shoot, but practiced techniques to use in a variety of potential attack scenarios. It was very cold outside, but I was having so much fun I didn't care! If you want the best training available, choose OKC Tactical!

Julie L. 2018

All I can say is amazing. This was the best thing I could have done to protect my family and myself. I would recommend them to everyone. Took their SDA class today will definitely be taking more classes soon.

Cody G. 2018

Definitely recommend John and Matt! They were extremely professional and made me feel comfortable. As a person who's not familiar with guns they did at great job at making sure I did everything perfectly! I am looking forward to more training in the future!

Kayley G. 2018

As a former police officer, way former, these gentlemen were informative, humble, and kind. They’re good teachers and professionals.

Danny M. 2018

John and Matt were absolutely great in helping me make sure I had the basic fundamentals down to get my SDA permit. The small class ensured I got one on one instruction from both of them. I highly recommend OKC Tactical for any kind of firearms training.

Brian F. 2018

These people are so incredibly patient! They took genuine care to make me comfortable with the firearm. The class size is so small you really feel as if it is basically a one on one course, thanks guys!

Miranda K. 2018

Phenomenal experience with OKC Tactical. Just finished their SDA course and having been through similar in Texas, was not looking forward to that again. John and Nina made the class interesting and the range time was OUTSTANDING. If you are looking to get your Oklahoma carry permit. This is the company to do it with.

Eric P. 2018

Great place! Took conceal carry class with these guys. They give you tons of individual attention and they really make sure you know how to operate and shoot your gun. The two gentlemen that run the class are former special operations and certified badasses! I would highly recommend this guys.

Eric K. 2018

I really enjoyed my SDA class with Matt today. I recommend OKC Tactical for anyone looking for experienced and professional instructors for any kind of weapons training, not just SDA concealed carry.

Cindy S. 2018

I took the SDA class today. It was so much fun. I got a lot of good information about Oklahoma law and gun safety. You get your bang for your buck with these guys. Small classes and personal attention was the plus! I improved on some of my own shooting struggles and got a lot of good advice from real professionals on personal defense . Thanks OKC Tactical!

Ginny C. 2018

I absolutely loved taking the SDA course here today! Everyone at OKC Tactical is great to work with and they are excellent instructors both in the class setting and on the shooting range. I could not have asked for a better experience, I highly recommend them to anyone looking to start out as a first time gun owner or to improve the skills you already have. I’ll definitely be back here for more classes!

Alexadria J. 2018

Wow, John is a good instructor, kindness, nice, and helpful. After 2 hours training in the class with him I felt confident (with my firearm). After 2 hours at Henry's Gun Range he removed all my worries.  I will tell my family and friends who need training with guns, especially in safety and marksmanship to come to OKC Tactical to train with John!

Kevin N. 2018

Me and my wife has an absolute blast today in the class and on the range. Best place to go for SDA class. You're not treated like cattle and it's not rushed. Very comfortable, relaxing knowledge, and very affordable.. Can't wait to get back or there. See you guys soon.

Alondo C. 2017

Highly recommend OKC Tactical, amazing instructors and very informative. My wife and I will be taking more classes from them. Thank you very much, great learning experience.

Kevin D. 2017

I just attended my second 2 hour training session (rifle) with OKC Tactical. And just as the first 2 hour training session (pistol), I walked away with a smile. John and Matt make it very enjoyable to train. We covered so much more than expected, yet I never felt rushed; however, actually manipulating all the tasks were much more difficult than expected. It is comforting to know that you are able to tap into their real world experience, all while in a safe environment. It is an awesome experience to be able to train locally with great individuals that care about you and helping you learn step by step. I want to thank them for their past service and for their passion for teaching others quality self defense.

Brian B. 2017

Guys/gals, I can't say enough good things about OKC tactical. John and Nina Ross were my instructors today and all I can say is WOW. If you want a top notch instructor with real world experience, then these guys are for you. John took what could have been a boring 4-5 hrs of classroom and an hr of range shooting and made it the most fun and interesting day of learning I've ever had with a firearm. What I found out today was sobering, you just think you know how to shoot a pistol correctly, until you take their course. What I liked most, it was at your own pace and at your level of knowledge and shooting abilities. John just has that calming knack of teaching people how to shoot correctly. Bottom line, he likes what he does, that's easy to see. So thanks again John and Nina. I will definitely be back.

Don K. 2017

The instructors were AMAZING and super friendly. Very knowledgeable and communicated everything thoroughly. Can’t wait to take the additional Core classes!

Adrian C.

Matt and John are beyond amazing. I am a beginner and took the SDA class today, and they broke everything down so easy for me to understand. I would've paid 10x more than what I paid for the class because of how in depth Matt and John were. We had a class of 5 and it was really interactive in the classroom and on the range. My wife took a class somewhere else for conceal license and was in a class of 40, with one instructor and shot for only a few minutes. They spent quite some time one on one with me and even after the class was over they stayed around to work on fine tuning a few more details. They make you feel comfortable when you are out there with them and work at your pace. I will be enrolling in all of their courses, I look forward to continuing my training with these guys! Thank you again Matt and John!

Brandon R. 2017

Not to be effusive, but I cannot say enough good things about our experience with OKC tactical this weekend.I am a very busy person (aren't we all these days?) and so I read reviews before spending my time and money on something unfamiliar - usually Yelp for restaurants and similar things. But for an all day course to get certified to carry a handgun, I wanted to make sure that my time and money would both be well spent - I'm alright paying a little extra if they experience warrants it (you get what you pay for...)This definitely epitomized everything I read in advance. My husband had already received a good amount of training in his military background, and wasn't looking forward to sitting all day through the course - so the positive reviews from other service individuals helped me talk him into this one, once I had decided on it.We were both very pleased with the decision, and I have already booked future training for myself.John taught the "classroom" portion, and I must commend him on his skill as an instructor. Teaching technical, and not exactly "exciting," information to several people (class size limited at 6) with varied backgrounds is far from an easy task to begin with. Making several hours of such information semi-entertaining, while also starting to connect with each individual in the class and establish a general level of comfort (which helps later in the day during the range instruction) is another task in itself, and one in which John shows himself to be a natural.Matt joined the class towards the end of the classroom, and brought another layer of fun to the experience - watching the camaraderie and jokes between the two, whilst still maintaining the right level of professionalism to reassure any participants that might be nervous that they were in good hands - you would almost think it rehearsed, if not for the ease with which each of the men interacted with each student - varying ages, backgrounds, educations, etc...And then the part that sold me for sure - the range time. Two hours, five students, two instructors. You get one on one time with the instructors while you are shooting. They teach to your level. I know other reviewers are saying this. But let me elaborate - my husband got to practice tactical drills, timed draws, holster draws. He loved it, and plans to come back for couple training (where we will learn to draw, maneuver, communicate, fire around each other, should we ever be in such a situation where that is needed...I'm guessing zombie apocalypse or similar...I don't know)...after I train individually with them, some more.Now me. Give me a 12 gauge or a rifle (long barrel in general,) and I'm at home...but put a pistol in my hand, and adrenaline dumps into my system, making me a danger to myself and others...up to this weekend, hence the class. I overthink. I shake. I anticipate. I pull and jerk. And Matt was a phenomenal instructor. He worked on my confidence while at the safe time working on the basics, and safety...and enough humor and charisma to help with distraction and keep the adrenaline from completely derailing his training. Am I field ready? Heck no?! But, could I keep it "in the box" at 5 yards, consistently - yes, thanks to his instruction. I learned my pistol and learned that I am teachable.This was a long review. But again, I cannot say enough good about them. Give them a chance. They're worth it!Now, I'm looking forward to more training...and to meeting the rest of the team - they guys were great...but as they say, behind every great man...and these were two great male instructors - really looking forward to meeting the rest of this phenomenal team!

Christina W. 2017

For anyone on the fence about taking your gun skills to the next level. Let me share my story, I started off as a beginner in 2014 with OKC Tactical’s introductory pistol and home security courses. I also consulted with OKC Tactical for my first handgun purchase. I continued by attaining my SDA in preparation for a long 1,800 mile off-road motorcycle ride. I still recall thinking that once I purchased my gun and attained the SDA I would be “prepared”. However, what I realized later was that’s really only the beginning. Your investment in a handgun will not make you an asset in your home or in public, only an investment in regular training can make you a true asset.

By training with OKC Tactical, I've been able to transition from being apprehensive beginner to a confident member of their Train to Win monthly program. It’s a great way to train with other like-minded people in real-life scenarios. I encourage you to take the next step and call about their test session."

Alex B. 2017

It takes a lot for me to log into facebook but after today’s great class, OKC Tactical deserves a great review. I am very new to guns (did not grow up with them and have only a shot a couple times with friends) and recently bought a small pistol. Before even shooting my new gun, I wanted to get a good foundation so I can safely and confidently handle it.

I signed up for the pistol marksmanship course and it was way above and beyond what I expected to learn in just one session – and at a pace that was not overwhelming. My instructor was John Ross and he was great (thanks John!) – very knowledgeable, patient, and progressively built my knowledge up when he saw that I was ready for the next step. I was amazed at what I was able to do by the end of the session!

The class started out indoors by going over safety and the basics of pistols and handling them, then we went out to the range to apply what we went over plus a lot more. The range drills were very practical and meant to apply to real world self defense scenarios. We went over awareness, loading, grip, site, stance, drawing, shooting from different draw positions and shooting multiple shots and targets, dealing with malfunctions, and overcoming common shooting problems (my main one being anticipating the recoil which he gave me ways to overcome). The last drill we did was very fun and a great way to end the session.

I feel a lot more confident handling my gun after today’s session (but not over-confident!) and I plan on practicing what I learned and going back for some private sessions in the future to build upon what I just learned. This was a great and well thought out class and I appreciate all that was taught to me today. Thanks!!!

William W. 2017

Such a great way to learn new things, from two very professional men. They helped teach me and my fiancée how to observe in different situations and scenarios, while making it fun. I will always recommend this to my friends who are willing to learn new techniques. Can’t wait to do this again, and have some more fun.

Johnathon R. 2017

My husband and I took the conceal and carry / Self defense course with John and to say it was amazing is an understatement! We obtained so much knowledge over the course of a day for such an affordable price. So thorough and comprehensive! We are going to continue our education with OKC Tactical and no one else!

Jaime F. 2017

I’ve now been training with OKC Tactical on and off (mostly on) for 18 months. It started off with a search for shotgun training; it turned into monthly progressive handgun training for me, SDA classes for my wife and other family members, and most recently a one on one session for this AR newbie. They always exceed our expectations. We can't express enough how much we appreciate the training. While we've just started on our path, we can't wait to continue the journey.

Steve H. 2017

I couldn't ask for better instructors! They took a complete newbie to hand guns and had me hitting the target in 2 hrs. They are patient and informative. You aren't left to flounder if you struggle a little at first. I highly recommend this place for any type if gun training.

Joy S. 2017

First time shooting and John and Nina were amazing! I learned so much and feel a lot better around guns