Edge Trigger

Review: The Edge Glock-Style Trigger

by Ranger Proof Swag

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CPT Matthew Moulton & First Sergeant John Ross                                                                                        November 11, 2017


Weight 3 ounces
Shipping Dimensions 3 x 1 x 1 in
Trigger Color Black
Safety Color Black, Blue, Red


I can’t say that we got too excited upon hearing that a new trigger had been released to upgrade a Glock. Let’s face it, dozens of companies promise their drop-in triggers will make you shoot like a delta operator. As instructors that specialize in teaching practical self-defense to civilians, we have always advised our clients to avoid making expensive modifications or adding anything that alters the factory specifications of their EDC pistol. Over the years we have had to fix many a Glock that has been altered in a way that has defeated the trigger drop safety, created internal rubbing issues, or made the pistol operate in an unreliable manner. We regularly inspect our client’s guns and make them fix any issues before they train with us.

 Soap Box Time: If a pistols primary purpose is to keep you alive don’t alter it, pimp it out, add bulk, or anything that needs batteries. Our latest horror is seeing the removal of iron sights for battery powered glass optics with no iron backups, K.I.S.S…..but we digress.

 Ranger Proof Claim: So along comes Ranger Proof SWAG and their Edge Glock-Style Trigger, so, what caught our eye? Yup, that word Ranger. For those of you unaware, “Ranger Proof” is akin to saying, “unbreakable”. In the Infantry we say, “If it can’t get wet we don’t need it, if it can’t get dirty we don’t need it, if it breaks, we don’t need it”. The first thing that popped into our minds was, “Challenge accepted, Danny boy, I bet we can break that sucker”.

After getting in touch with Ranger Proof Swag we quickly learned that their product is based on three tenets: Make it in America, Make it Tough, Test it like somebody’s life depends on it, in this case, it certainly could.

Exterior Design: The Edge Glock-Style Trigger is truly a product of high quality design and construction. With an all-aluminum matte black finish, it matched our Glock 19 perfectly. The Edge truly looks and feels like a premier-quality product and it was flawlessly constructed and finished right out of the package. The trigger is flat faced (which we weren’t sure about, but have 

quickly grown to love) and slightly over a 1/4-inch-wide with rounded front corners. After installation, we noted that the new trigger sat back 1/8 inch farther than OEM. This and the beveled face edges are two features which combined to make the Edge trigger more comfortable to index and reduced fatigue on the trigger finger.

The RPS Edge trigger shape and safety bar design is in every way superior to the OEM trigger shoe design. Much wider, very well balanced, and smooth, you cannot feel the safety bar during trigger operation. In short, it feels comfortable, and comfort directly impacts marksmanship.

The Edge Glock-Style Trigger is simply a trigger shoe and has no effect on the operational geometry of the trigger mechanism as a whole. It’s all OEM inside, just the way we preach and practice.


Installation: As a Glock Armorer, I am familiar with 

disassembly and assembly, but you do not have to be an expert to install this product.  I had the OEM trigger shoe off and the Ranger Proof Swag trigger shoe on in less than 5 minutes. The video tells you everything you need to know, and a sheet of printed instructions was also included with the trigger for we grunts who need lots of pictures.

To drive the OEM pin out, you must “break” it through the back wall of the OEM shoe. Punch that pin through and the old shoe slipped right off. As soon as I slipped the Edge trigger onto my trigger bar the quality was obvious, the shoe fit on snuggly, the pin holes lined up perfectly, and the new pin dropped right into place ready to punch. A few firm taps with a hammer and punch on a solid wood surface and the new pin was in place. It was truly as simple as driving out the old pin and driving in the new pin.

 The only mistake I made was starting on my wire bench instead of a hard wood table, so I bounced all kinds of junk around on my benchtop. Yah, they told me, no I didn’t listen, yes, I had to move over to the wooden benchtop. When driving pins a hard wood surface is definitely needed.


Functions Check: I immediately got a case of perma-grin when I squeezed that Edge trigger for the first time because it completely changed the feel of my Glock 19. The pretravel was completely eliminated, and I do mean completely. In short, I was shocked. Speaking of zero travel, as soon as you start pressing this trigger you are pushing through the “Wall”. If you are already an experienced shooter used to feeling the back pressure from the OEM trigger, you will immediately notice the absence of that pressure and it will affect your rhythm. Because of the design, the trigger now sits back farther. I no longer feel the safety bar press into my trigger finger and pressing through the “wall” and reset is extremely short and sharp. Installing the trigger did not reduce the trigger pull weight, which was a huge concern for me. On a trigger pull scale the trigger weight was 5.10lbs OEM and 4.90lbs after the installation of the Edge trigger.

Range Testing: John was all too eager to help me beat this trigger up. As instructors we shoot a lot, 4-5 times a week, every week, so we already shoot at a robust pace. However, the Edge trigger changed our trigger dynamic so much that one of us launched a few rounds before intended the first several times   we launched pairs down range (Yes, it was the officer that did it). Speed is all about efficiency, and the first thing we noticed on the range is that the Edge trigger exposed several training scars in our squeeze and quickly revealed inefficiencies that had developed fighting with the OEM trigger shoe. We had gotten used to the trigger putting constant back pressure on the trigger finger, but with that back pressure absent in the Edge, we found ourselves “bounding” slightly for a few shots and adjustments had to be made for the new, very sharp reset. After using it for a week, accuracy has stayed constant, but trigger speed has increased due to the shorter smoother trigger rhythm provided by the design.

Note: I want to make a point that it is important to us that this increase in performance was created by efficiency in the trigger shoe design and not the “lightening” of the trigger pull weight with aftermarket springs and bars that can compromise the integrity and reliability of the OEM safety features inherent to Glock Safe Action Trigger design and operation. For us, this is a perfect win/win that we have no problem recommending to our clients.


Let’s Torture It: After the initial test day, I shot it every day for almost two weeks, roughly 800 rounds in six days of training. After this test period, I disassembled the pistol and inspected all parts of the trigger system. The trigger weight did not change over that week as confirmed by a trigger pull gauge. The Edge operated flawlessly, stayed perfectly tight, and showed no new wear marks on itself or on the gun. As an instructor, I could feel myself get more comfortable with the Edge trigger and noticed an improvement in accuracy, especially at distance, but the greatest impact the Edge had on my shooting was the improvement in strong hand comfort. I now have a more relaxed master grip and noted less fatigue in my trigger finger after long shooting sessions.

Additionally, I let clients shoot the pistol and provide feedback to me on their initial impressions of the trigger. I got some interesting observations from the new shooter’s perspective:

  • The Edge forces efficiency early in the marksmanship learning process and I noticed a marked increase in my clients trigger speed and accuracy in training sessions
  • Clients consistently noted and praised the short “crisp” reset of the trigger
  • 100% of my female clients preferred the flat faced design and the “softness” of the Edge safety bar


After Action Review: After swearing I would never alter my Glocks, I must eat my words. The Edge meets all the criteria to be added onto my personal defense firearm:

  1. Expense vs value added
  2. Top quality materials and construction
  3. Improvement of shooting performance
  4. No compromise to the safety/integrity of my Glock

We both love the product and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve the trigger geometry in their Glock. It lived up to our expectations of a product made by a company named “Ranger Proof”. We have been very impressed with the company support and it doesn’t hurt our feelings that the company is staffed by experienced warriors with real world “behind the gun” experience that are driven by their core principles and not profit margin. We are ordering this trigger for all our Glocks because at $75 it is simply a steal. At the time of this writing several of our clients have ordered them as well.

Some notes from Danny at Ranger Proof Swag included that the current Edge trigger works with all models and all generations of Glock except for the Gen 5. Currently, the Edge comes in black with a black, blue, or red safety bar. RPS is currently developing and testing a new trigger to fit Gen 5 Glocks (the design had to be recut for the duel sided slide stop) and will be out on the market after it passes a set of rigorous tests. Also in the chute are curved face Edge triggers, tan Edge triggers, and an edge trigger for the Sig P320.

Product Rating ***** 5 of 5 stars

You can purchase this at OKC TacPro