Oklahoma SDA (Carry Permit)

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Carry with Confidence Course

Class Time: 0 Hours
Range Time: 2 Hours
Days: 1 Days
Ammo Requirement: 200
Course Cost:


This course is available for open enrollment. Please contact OKC Tactical at 405-888-9254 to reserve your training date/time.

Course Description

OK, you have your permit, now what?

Prerequisite: None

This is a single introductory session into the skills needed to carry a self-defense pistol in public. We will spend the entire session on the range live shooting. This session can be scheduled any time of the day that an instructor is available. A 2-hour private session, taught at a pace set by you, makes it comfortable to learn and easy to retain the information.

This course consists  of a 2-hour deep dive in a specific core consisting of client paced shooting on the range:

  • Concealed carry draw technique
  • Close quarters self-defense
  • Creating space
  • Armed self-defense around others
All range and target fees are included, there are no additional fees associated with this course. 
Recommended follow on course: This course should be followed by the complete Core curriculum which is 18 hours of training in 2 hour sessions.