Oklahoma SDA (Carry Permit)

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Premium Oklahoma SDA Course

Class Time: 6 Hours
Range Time: 2 Hours
Days: 1 Days
Ammo Requirement: 50
Course Cost:


This course is available for open enrollment. Please contact OKC Tactical at 405-888-9254 to reserve your training date/time.

Course Description
Yes, a private SDA course just for you, a couple, or a group of up to four. Have an odd schedule or not wanting to burn an entire Saturday in a class? This private course can be scheduled on any date and time of your choosing, available dates and times go fast so reserve your date as soon in advance as you can.
The fee covers up to 4 clients with all range and target fees included.  No hidden fees with us.
** When Registering for this course, only enter one name.  We will contact you for any additional attendees**
The State mandated course required before you apply for your carry permit rolled in with our custom hands-on basic marksmanship course. This class is closed and private one-on-one so you get full access to the instructor. The class provides 2 hours of range time for safe handling and skills shooting and includes a full block of our exclusive OKC Tactical Marksmanship Methodology.
Why private training?
  1. You get the instructors full attention.
  2. Focused training with Limited "story time" from other clients.
  3. Train when you want to train.

All range and target fees are included, there are no additional fees associated with this course.