Home Security

Home Security and Emergency Readiness

InvasionLet former Law Enforcement and physical security experts help you properly secure your home. Approximate 2-hour course. The course is designed to improve your home security, get your family disaster ready, and make you comfortably withstand a disruption of basic services.

Home Security

BurglarWe will do a full walk through and look at every aspect of your home. This portion of the course focuses on identifying and mitigating the security weak points in your residence and how you need to defend it from intrusion. The course will improve your security awareness, provide recommendations that will make your home less likely to be targeted by criminals, and increase your awareness of criminal scouting techniques.


Emergency Readiness

ERThis portion of the course is designed to ready the home and family ready to meet a disruption of services due to inclement weather or natural disaster and includes: storm shelters and safe room provision, family communications planning, medical emergency readiness, and family resiliency training.

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Home Security and Emergency Readiness Walkthrough

Class Time: 2 Hours
Range Time: 0 Hours


This course is available for open enrollment. Please contact OKC Tactical at 405-888-9254 to reserve your training date/time.