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Welcome to Carry with Confidence, LTC and Firearms Training Website. Our goal is to provide you with superior training and products to help you build the Confidence you need to defend yourself and your family. We are in business to build relationships with our customers not just build numbers. We are always here to assist you before and after you have completed training with us. The Instructors of Carry with Confidence have been employed in the Public Safety Sector  and Military for over 20 years and have a clear understanding of building trust with the public. You trust us with your lives when we are on duty, give us the opportunity to continue that trust with your firearms training.

Carry with Confidence teaches an All Inclusive Texas LTC Class for only $65.00. This class includes the class presentation,  range fee ( for range proficiency) and B27 Target. This class is 4 hrs plus range time as required by the state.  Our instructors provide a fun and informative class at a low cost to you.

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