Training System

The OKC Tactical Marksmanship Methodology™ and OKC Tactical Core™ Modules were developed by 1SG John Ross and CPT Matthew Moulton specifically for training civilian clients in the competencies they need to become proficient in firearms self-defense in a 3D environment. All training is focused on a systematic development of skills to accomplish these three goals:

~Protect Yourself~ ~Protect your Family~ ~Protect your Castle~

Whether you are a firearms novice, intermediate sportsman, or advanced shooter, augmenting your abilities with an OKC Tactical private course will help you hone the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to defend yourself and those you love from threats. 


OKC Tactical exclusively provides private firearms training for individuals, couples, and small groups. You are only three easy steps from the best firearms training offered in Oklahoma:

  1. Browse our courses and choose the one that best meets your training needs.
  2. Select a few dates and times you want to schedule your training session.
  3. Contact us and tentatively schedule your training session. Choose if you want your session to be closed and private or available to other clients.
  4. Register online to lock in your training session date and time.

Viola! It is that simple! We guarantee there is no other training like this in Oklahoma. Call us at any time to help guide you in the right training direction.

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   OKC Tactical Private Training 2017   

The OKC Tactical Marksmanship Methodology™  addresses specific shortcomings in most other training courses. We provide:

  • A comfortable and comprehensive shooting system.

  • Progression from marksmanship to self-defense shooting.

  • Individual , Couple, & Small Group training to ensure access to your instructor.

  • Hands-on 3D training and scenario shooting.

  • Completely flexible in course times to meet your busy schedule.


OKC Tactical Training Guarantee

OKC Tactical is so committed to your satisfaction that we offer all customers a 100% Guarantee on effective gun training. If after receiving instruction you do not feel as if you have mastered the course material, we will schedule a second training session, at no additional charge, to strengthen your confidence, knowledge level, and comfort handling firearms.

After clients complete the course, OKC Tactical will remain your home defense partner and mentor, encouraging clients to contact our instructors for advice and feedback at any time to help you reach your personal protection goals.