Training System



~Protect Yourself~ ~Protect your Family~ ~Protect your Castle~

The OKC Tactical Marksmanship Methodology™ and OKC Tactical Core™ System were developed by 1SG John Ross and CPT Matthew Moulton as a system of two hour training sessions specifically designed for training civilian clients in the competencies they need to become proficient in firearms self-defense in a real world 3D environment.

Why Tactical?

We teach you a comprehensive set of self-defense tools to put in your toolbox then focus on how to apply those tools to solve problems. We do not teach you to memorize drills and courses of fire. We prepare you to win the fight that occurs in a place, time, and conditions not of your choosing.

Whether you are a firearms novice, intermediate sportsman, or advanced shooter, augmenting your abilities with an OKC Tactical private course will help you hone the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to defend yourself and those you love from unexpected threats. 

The OKC Tactical Marksmanship Methodology™

It is OK to be uncomfortable with your pistol when you first start shooting. Our methodology is geared for those new to shooting or those wanting to get a solid base for the transition to defensive shooting. Learn the fundamentals needed to maintain control of the pistol, learn the rhythms of your firearm, and get a kick-start in efficiency and economy of motion.

The OKC Tactical Core™ System

The system is based on 9 two-hour sessions (18 hours of training) that logically progress our clients to a high state of self-defense proficiency. We don’t train our clients to be fast under known conditions, they train to be smooth and efficient under unknown conditions, speed will come when proficiency is reached. After completing the Core System many clients continue to regularly train with us. The OKC Tactical Core™ System prepares our clients for armed self-defense in active shooter, home burglary/home invasion, robbery, and general threats encountered while carrying a pistol in public.

~Tactical Core Paradigms ~ Retention & Draw ~ Sight Picture & Trigger Control ~ Malfunctions & Round Management ~ Close Quarters ~ Positional Shooting & Communications ~ Moving & Shooting ~ Threat Discrimination ~ Tactical Initiative & Angular Momentum

OKC Tactical Cores 

OKC Tactical Training Guarantee

OKC Tactical is so committed to your training growth that we offer all clients a 100% Guarantee on effective training. If after receiving instruction you do not feel as if you have improved your skill and knowledge level, we will schedule a second training session, at no additional charge, to strengthen your confidence, knowledge level, and comfort handling firearms.

After clients complete our courses, OKC Tactical will remain your personal defense partner and mentor, encouraging clients to contact us for advice and feedback at any time to help you reach your personal protection and home defense goals.