Scott Tatum

TatumFlight RN /Paramedic/BSIT/ NRA Certified Instructor

Scott began his career as a street Paramedic in the OKC area before attending school to attain his license as a Registered Nurse. Post-graduation, he worked in both the emergency room and intensive care units.  Within a year, he had the opportunity to transition to the helicopter rescue unit as a Flight RN/Paramedic both in New Mexico and Arizona. Scott provided the highest level of care to critically injured trauma patients and critically ill patients alike.  

During his career, he has excelled in his profession and sought out opportunities to pass on his skills through instructing classes which have ranged from basic medical procedure to highly advanced skills to flight crew candidates. Scott is also an accomplished marksman and has extensive experience with long range marksmanship, having spent several years with Surgeon Rifles as well as earning certifications as an NRA Instructor.

His unique knowledge of firearms combined with his ability to teach medical skills prompted him to found STAT TAC/MED and develop their unique and effective curriculum.  The company was originally designed for training SWAT Medical Teams but has evolved into instructing private security firms, personal security experts, and police departments in life saving medical preparedness. Currently Scott is a Medical Simulation Specialist/Instructor for the Oklahoma University College of Medicine.

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Medical Resume:


  • RN
  • Paramedic
  • Certified Flight RN
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • Pediatric Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • Pre-Hospital Advanced Trauma Life Support
  • Advanced Trauma Life Support
  • High Risk OB
  • Advanced Trauma Skills
  • Fight Nurse Advanced Trauma
  • LZ staging for helicopters
  • High Angle Rope Rescue

Specialized Training:

  • Current trauma certified
  • Current high risk OB certified
  • 16 years of instructing basic medical to highly advanced medical
  • SWAT Medic Program Development

NRA Certified Instructor:

  • Oklahoma Self Defense Act Instructor (Carry Permit)
  • Range Safety Officer
  • Home Firearm Safety Course
  • Basic Pistol Shooting Course & First Steps Pistol Course
  • Basic Rifle Shooting Course & First Steps Rifle Course