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  • Owner / Instructor

    Soldier/Police Officer/NRA Certified Instructor


    Captain Moulton has served in the US Army for over 25 years on both Active Duty and Reserve status. He began his career in 1992 by enlisting in the Infantry and advanced from the rank of Private to Sergeant First Class (Infantry Platoon Sergeant) before commissioning as an officer. He lived abroad in Germany on Active Duty for five years serving with the 1stBattalion 6th Infantry Regiment "Regulars by God" (3rd Infantry Division) and the 1st Battalion 16th Infantry Regiment "Iron Rangers" (1st Infantry Division) respectively before returning home and continuing service with the Army Reserve.

    After returning home to Oklahoma, he attained a Bachelor’s Degree in History with an emphasis on Middle Eastern Studies and Master's Degree work in International Relations while working as a police officer. While on Reserve duty status he served in the 2nd Battalion 290th Infantry Regiment "Prepared Professionals" (75thDivision) as a leadership mentor, unit liaison, range master, firearms instructor, and tactical operations instructor preparing Army Reserve and National Guard units for deployment into combat. 

    In 2007 he commissioned as an officer and took command of Civil Affairs Teams in the 490th "Progress Through Unity", the 403rd "Hearts and Minds", and finally the 486th "Force Multiplier" Civil Affairs Battalions. The CA Teams specialize in deployments to Central and South America, but also deploy to Africa as well as various other theaters in South Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia. CPT Moulton's last assignment was in the Labrador & Newfoundland Arctic and Subarctic zones working with the Canadian and Polish Armies.

    During the War on Terror, Captain Moulton activated 4 times in Support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom including his last tour in eastern Afghanistan attached to the 3rd Squadron 73rd Cavalry Regiment (reconnaissance) (1st Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division) .


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    Soldier/Master Gunner/NRA Certified Instructor


    1SG Ross served in the US Army for 23 years as an active duty Soldier.  He began his career in 1994 as a UH-60 Black Hawk Helicopter crewmember/Door Gunner.  1SG Ross was first stationed in Savannah GA where he supported the Drug Enforcement Agency in counter narcotics missions throughout the Caribbean including the Bahamas, Grenada, Jamaica, and St. Vincent. He spent three years in Germany where his missions included the Beirut Air Bridge, supplying the American Embassy in Lebanon, as well as deployments to Bosnia and Kosovo.

    Following his European tour, John assessed for and was accepted to the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment "Night Stalkers" where he spent his final 16 years of service.  During this time he served as a Fully Mission Qualified MH-60 crewmember/M134 Mini-gun master gunner for 9 years.

    He then spent two years as the Combat Skills Senior instructor where he managed courses on medical first responder, advanced weapons employment techniques, modern army combatives level 1 and 2, and advanced land navigation.

    For his final 5 years, John was a Company 1SG for three Special Operations Companies.  Scattered throughout his service he deployed to Iraq 13 times, and Afghanistan 5 times as well as multiple no notice special operations missions around the globe.


  • Instructor / Medic

    Soldier/RN/Pistol Instructor


    SGT Nina Ross joined the military in 1997 as a combat medic.  While serving she advanced to a supervisory role of a base medical facility and was the lead instructor for all regional medical first responder courses.  Nina deployed in support of the Kosovo conflict where she served as a flight medic for all casualty evacuation missions.  She was a key component of advanced party operations and was responsible for assisting in establishing the base medical response plan. Additional duties included assuming responsibility for all safety and sanitation operations on the base.  In addition to this deployment, Nina assisted in multiple humanitarian missions throughout Europe and Africa.

    During her time in the military, Nina maintained an expert qualification on the M16/M4 Rifle, M9 Pistol, M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, and the M2 .50 Cal Heavy Machine Gun.

    After the military, Nina continued her service in the medical profession as an EMTP, ER, Oncology, Bariatric, Intensive care, and Progressive Care Registered Nurse.  She also worked in Home Health Care as a clinical supervisor.

    Nina has continued to develop her shooting and instructing capabilities throughout her career currently focusing on training pistol marksmanship skills and contributing her medical expertise to the OKC Tactical curriculum.