How it Works

OKC Tactical has transitioned exclusively to private firearms training for individuals, couples, and small groups. You are only five easy steps from the best firearms training offered in Oklahoma:

  1. If a course you want is scheduled, just click the course title then click the register button.
  2. If not, then browse our courses and choose the one that best meets your training needs.
  3. Select a few dates and times you want to schedule your training session.
  4. Contact us and tentatively schedule your training session. Choose if you want your session to be closed and private or available to other clients.
  5. Register online to lock in your training session date and time.

Viola! It is that simple! We guarantee there is no other training like this in Oklahoma. Call us at any time to help guide you in the right training direction.

405-888-9254 (call or text)
[email protected]