Feature Testimonial

"For anyone on the fence about taking your gun skills to the next level. Let me share my story, I started off as a beginner in 2014 with OKC Tactical’s introductory pistol and home security courses. I also consulted with OKC Tactical for my first handgun purchase. I continued by attaining my SDA in preparation for a long 1,800 mile off-road motorcycle ride. I still recall thinking that once I purchased my gun and attained the SDA I would be “prepared”. However, what I realized later was that’s really only the beginning. Your investment in a handgun will not make you an asset in your home or in public, only an investment in regular training can make you a true asset.

By training with OKC Tactical, I've been able to transition from being apprehensive beginner to a confident member of their Train to Win monthly program. It’s a great way to train with other like-minded people in real-life scenarios. I encourage you to take the next step and call about their test session."

Alex B. 2017

Client Testimonials

These guys are fantastic! They keep you engaged from the classroom to the range! If you're wanting an over the top experience when taking your SDA class, OKC Tactical is the place!

Tye M. 2017

My wife took her concealed carry class today with OKC Tactical. I joined them at the range for that portion of the class. I've been shooting for a long time and I was curious what they taught. They go FAR above and beyond state required range instruction. Their instruction was professional, practical,and they kept the atmosphere upbeat and fun. I highly recommend these guys and I'll be looking into joining some of the other classes they offer.

Scott S. 2017

Did a two hour session with instructors John and Matt this morning, and it was AWESOME. They excel at catering the tasks and training to your level of skill and the scenarios all built upon each other. I'm so much more confident with my firearm now, and I had an absolute blast! I can't wait to go back for another session. Highly recommend these guys for all shooters and skill levels.

Nicholas D. 2017

I went through my marksmanship course with Matt and range training with John. I have full confidence in their quality of instructions. We trained from vocabulary to hands on with in-depth analysis for scenarios.

I am looking forward to forging a long-term relationship with these amazing instructors. If you want to be a champion in being a firearms specialist this is the organization you need to be with.

Kevin N. 2017


Took my SDA course course here and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. By keeping the classes small it's as if you are getting personal one on one training. Matt and John are very personable and extremely knowledgeable. They are passionate about what they teach, and go far beyond the minimum requirements.

Charles C. 2017

I took the SDA class today and it was fantastic. I received great one-on-one training on the range and I learned more in a short time with Matt and John than I have at several trips by myself to the range. They are fantastic teachers and I cannot recommend them highly enough. You will not be disappointed.

Steven C. 2017

Loved the course and had a great time!!! Took the class with all my siblings and parents. The instructors were very knowledgeable and were able to teach at the level of the students. Highly recommend this company to all those looking to apply for their concealed carry permit or just wanting to learn more about how to properly handle firearms and protect themselves/loved ones.

Darren L. 2017

I have attended a bunch of courses during my years of military service; some purely military and some purely civilian. Tactical Mindset was a perfect example of a crossover course that provides invaluable information for increased survivability in a gunfight. Highly recommended training from some awesome instructors! Thanks guys! Looking forward to another one!

Dan D. 2017

Classroom training for Concealed Carry was above and beyond. Instructors were beyond qualified with over two decades each in military special services and real world police experience. Classes were limited for maximum instructor to student ratios and hands on training on the gun range was amazing. We left with confidence, knowledge AND a real desire for continued training to improve our proficiencies. Safety was paramount and I wholeheartedly recommend OKC Tactical!

Randel P. 2017

Very professional & effective training sessions can be found here. I've been around weapons enthusiasts & professionals on many occasions in my life. None of them have compared to the team at OKC Tactical. These guys are top shelf

James P. 2017

My husband and I took the SDA class. Although he is an experienced hunter he even learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm a complete novice but came away feeling a lot more confident. John and Nina were both fabulous. Patient and professional. We both definitely want to do some additional classes and training. Don't waste your money elsewhere! They customize class to meet the very small groups needs !!!! Incredible experience.

Cynthia W. 2017

Fantastic instructors with a great deal of knowledge. Patient and explanatory. Range time is extremely safe instructor John and his wife are very helpful and hands on. I would absolutely recommend this class and plan to follow up with more training.

Donna M. 2017

Great instructors! We had a great girls day shooting and learning proper shooting methods! John and Matt were very patient and very knowledgeable! Looking forward to our next class!

Emily S. 2017

Great instruction! Very professional, very friendly environment. If you are looking for additional training, this is the group.

Jeffery G. 2017

Very friendly and professional staff, definitely recommend to anyone who wants to take a shooting class

Shawn S. 2017

John was an awesome instructor. The course exceeded our expectations. We learned how to shoot properly and handle a pistol safely. Would highly recommend any course.

Karina F. 2017

Matt and John were really awesome! My friend and I took a class for basic marksmanship both class and on the range instructions! They kept it fun and engaging at all times! They were highly informative as well!

Someyeh M. 2017

John coached me on a joint Rifle Marksmanship and Defensive Shooting and Decision Making course on March 15. At the outset he told me of his love of coaching and educating pupils and at the end of the day he had demonstrated this unbelievably well. Both in the classroom and the range his enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise was outstanding. He was patient and improved my technique and confidence substantially. I have nothing but praise for John and OKC Tactical and am planning on hooking up with them for more 1:1 tuition next year.

Mark M. 2017


Matt, I had the best time in your shotgun class. That was my first time shooting clay targets with my shotgun. Obi-won, you make the magic happen. I'm not a Jedi yet, but look forward to more classes. Thanks again Matt.

Mary D 2016

I started with the concealed class. This group is professional, and I will continue my training with them. Definitely where you need to get your instruction.

Brian H. 2016

Whether you're ex-military like me, or a stay-at-home mom like my wife. This was a great program for both of us to learn and sharpen some skills. Great people and can't wait to go back to take the next course. I would highly recommend!

Amanda L. 2016

Amazing PRACTICAL training. OKC Tactical trains you for exactly what you will need in EVERYDAY real life scenarios. Classes are well priced, instructors are friendly, professional, and come with good tactical backgrounds. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Joshua B. 2016

Excellent, professionally trained and battle tested instructors. Whether you're just learning to shoot or wanting to sharpen and expand your skill set these guys have it covered. Highly recommend and I plan on taking more of their courses.

Lewis T. 2016

I never imagined learning firearms could be this fun and this easy, the OKC Tactical guys made me feel comfortable and were right there next to me every step. I learned and improved every shot. My friend took a class from a gun range and she said she was jammed in with 20 other people and the instructor only really spoke to her twice. She couldn't believe it when I told her how different your classes were. We are BOTH coming to OKC Tactical for your defensive shooting class.

Lyndsey H. 2016

The OKC Tactical instructors take the time to give you proper instruction and pay attention to you as an individual. The class size was small, which I could not find anywhere else. For the first time since owning my pistol I now feel confident and trust in my ability to carry and use it for self-defense.

Jim W. 2016

I enjoyed the OKC Tactical courses because of the hands on personal training, comfortable setting, and appropriate length of class and range time. The OKC Tactical instructors are knowledgeable, well spoken, and well trained.

Steve H. 2016

Took my first ever lessons with OKC tactical and they are great instructors. Very patient and knowledgeable. Made sure we had no questions before we left the range. I'll definitely recommend OKC Tactical! Will be back for more lessons! Thanks again!

Michael K. 2016

My wife and I have been searching for exactly the training you gave us.  It's been difficult to find shotgun training, and moving here from the east coast, we didn't grow up with shotguns...so they aren't a natural tool to use.  We can't tell you enough how much we appreciate the training.  We both enjoyed it and learned a lot; while we're just starting on our path, we can't wait to continue the journey.

Steve H. 2016

The instructors are fantastic and amazingly well qualified, and the outdoor range is amazing. If you haven't discovered OKC Tactical yet, check them out.

Ken E. 2016

This is worth way more than a years worth of shooting in a stall at a range. Don't waste your money on standing in a stall at the range and shooting a piece of paper. I learned more from these guys on recoil management than I had in two years going to the range. This is without ever firing a shot. The shooting portion took me to the next level as a shooter. I had an incredible training session with Matt and Steven. I am now more confident in my abilities and am much better prepared to defend myself and my family. Your families lives and your life are worth the investment of this class.

Jacob S. 2016

I took the Pistol Marksmanship course on January 9th with OKC Tactical.  ...It was a great course!  The instructors are talented, and thankfully, patient instructors.  They answered every question in detail and took time to make sure we understood.  Firearm safety was a focus which is another big plus.  After just this one course, I was handling my pistol remarkably better and I was shooting tighter groups.  A+ course.  I will be enrolling for more!

Michael Q. 2016

OKC Tactical are excellent teachers and trainers! Their combined knowledge and experience is immeasurable, and they know exactly how to share that knowledge with others. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone of any skill level to train with them. I am already planning my next opportunity to take a class from them.

Patrick O. 2015

The way they adapt and teach you in a way that fits you is great. They are great trainers and I learned more than I ever thought I would. Will be going back for additional courses and highly recommend to everyone!

Travis L. 2015

Matt and his staff are extraordinarily knowledgeable (that's an understatement) and very helpful. Even if you think you know what your doing and already have your carry license- CALL them, I promise you will learn something important.

Jill W. 2015

OKC Tactical gave me a thorough understanding of gun basics and showed me how to properly grip and handle the gun while shooting. My accuracy and speed were improved tremendously. I enjoyed that the safety and handling skills were thorough and very specific to my gun.

Dennis S. 2015

The small group format was amazing, The instructors had time to spend working with each of us and there was plenty of time to answer questions and get hands on practice. The instructors are well spoken and know how to relate the information to the student. I will be back for more training.

Alicia S. 2015

I had a lot of assumptions going into the course, but OKC Tactical helped me change what needed to be changed without making me feel uncomfortable. They taught me how to effective and efficiently maneuver and train in a realistic environment. The training was very thorough and professional but they were also able to keep the course fun and engaging, it did not feel clinical. They are great at explaining the "why" of their marksmanship techniques.

Travis L. 2015

You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for teaching us how to safely carry and shoot a pistol! Your instructors are super knowledgeable. You taught the material in a manner that I could understand and it wasn't boring! I loved learning that shooting a gun is about mechanics and when you learn them, you can shoot with good accuracy even if its your first time shooting! My husband was impressed with all we learned. Most importantly, I felt comfortable and confident in using our firearm after the course.

Amber A. 2015

Thanks for another great day of training! We all enjoyed the private SDA Course today - love the personal touch you guys add in making everyone feel comfortable. Coming back for courses. Would recommend OKC tactical to everyone I know - thanks again.

Gina F. 2015

It was very informative, detailed, and presented in a practical way that was easy to understand. I feel very confident that I have obtained the knowledge needed to carry a concealed firearm safely and I plan on taking more classes with OKC Tactical in the future.

Jaime T. 2015

I know I am far from it, but I feel like a pro with my gun after today...so much more comfortable with it, thanks to you. I'm ready to hit the range and see how good I am now!

Carrie A. 2015

OKC Tactical was able to take me from not owning a gun to feeling confident in my marksmanship and carry skills. I come back and train with them every other month and find myself very comfortable going to range for my own training. If you are on the fence about training with them do yourself a favor and JUST DO IT! Theses guys are pros!

Adam S. 2015

OKC Tactical is awesome! Your instructors are fabulous! Always make me feel more comfortable & confident with handling a gun. Can't wait to take more training with you guys!

Stacey A. 2015

The Individual attention you receive is not matched anywhere I have found. We received specific attention that helped us improve our speed and accuracy in spite of our having previous shooting experience. Being exposed to new shooting challenges and being able to shoot dynamically on the range were highlights of our experience. We loved getting to shoot steel. We enjoyed the course from start to finish.

Ross W. 2015