Advanced Training

Recoil Training Group

Recoil Training Group 

Recoil Training Group will concentrate on Intermediate and Advanced self-defense training events geared for Civilians. This training is for clients that have graduated our DSDM course and others seeking advanced training from seasoned professionals; it is designed exclusively for pistol and carbine rifle skill advancement in self-defense tactics.

This advanced training will come from instructors with a combined 60 years of real world experience in Law Enforcement and Special Operations, that have “been there and done that” in austere operating environments. Training will be conducted as Scenario Training, Specialty Event Courses, and Workshops.

Training will only be held twice per quarter as this annual series of events spans all four seasons. Recoil Training Group Instructors are Career Professionals and Subject Matter Experts, not certificate queens. The RTG’s advanced level training is not to be confused with others that claim to be something that they are not. We will not be offering any $34.88 courses, if you’re looking for cheap this isn't for you, if you’re looking for comfortable this isn't for you, we will vet you before we let you register for a course. Want to get to this level but not ready? Take our other courses first.

This is purposeful training in a low density environment with lots of interaction time with proven instructors. We have chosen to put our Real World Experience out there for your benefit, this training is NOT for everyone, these sessions will be physically demanding and emotionally taxing, feedback will be brutally honest, NOT everyone is ready to meet the RTG challenge. Think you’re a shooter? Come find out. Want to get better? Step up to the plate, put in the hard work, only steel sharpens steel.

The group's 2017 schedule is under construction, for updates check up with our Facebook page.